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The Bubblegum

Bubblegum is one of the most popular products among legal marijuana lovers. Proof is that this strain gained the first place in the Cannabis Light Cup in Zurich and Vienna. This is only one of several awards won in recent years that confirm its high quality and thus its wide use. In Europe it is actually considered to be the best cannabis with high CBD content. 

The Overview

When you look at a Bubblegum CBD flower, you cannot help but to be captured by its colours: candid white trichomes (due to the high production of resin) surrounded by numerous pistils of different shades of orange. Bubblegum CBD weed is so popular that it is being widely cultivated: thus the large amount of different sizes of buds available for purchase.


The Aroma

Bubblegum’s singular taste and smell defined its success: the aroma is so particular and unique, with strong, sweetish notes that recall summer fruits, perfectly blended with sour notes of citrus, earth and wood.

The taste cannot be described; you just have to try it!

This perfect mix gave the Bubblegum legal weed its status: experts and inexperienced agree that it is one of the most loved and appreciated strains on the market.