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Calm Releaf Balm 500mg

Calm Releaf Balm 500mg

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Hand blended Calm Releaf CBD Balm like other CBD topicals, are intended to be used directly on your skin. They’re meant to apply relief to a specific area.


One thing to keep in mind is that skin absorbency is pretty weak compared with other mucous membranes. That means when applying a topical product, it’s best to select one with a high level of CBD and apply it liberally.



Full Spectrum


Contains zero THC.

Hand blended & luxurious.

Made with organic ingredients.

A deep conditioning body salve.

Spirit-lifting properties of the miraculous hemp plant.

In addition to helping with physical pain, CBD balms may be beneficial for certain skin conditions.


here’s mounting evidence that suggests topical CBD products, like balms, can help with a range of pain issues like:


Arthritis-related pain. A 2015 studyTrusted Source performed on rats discovered that CBD gel applied to the skin significantly lowered joint swelling.

Nerve pain. A small 2020 study examined topical CBD oil’s impact on pain. In the study, people with nerve damage all reported lower levels of pain, noticing a drop in sharp, severe, cold, and itchy feelings of pain.

Jaw pain. A 2019 studyTrusted Source explored how topical CBD may help with a certain type of facial pain that largely involves the jaw. Researchers discovered that those who used topical CBD around twice daily experienced reduced pain after 2 weeks.