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Gelato CBD Boost

Gelato CBD Boost

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Gelato CBD Boost

A new member of the CBD BOOST LINE, a new Line first developed in Italy in 2022 after numerous studies on CBD varieties, is here.

The latest addition to that line is GELATO CBD BOOST. A completely new Product that aims to be the new benchmark for lovers of the genre.

The main characteristic of such genetics is a very high presence of CBD, which is around 40/45%. This incredible result, which goes beyond the natural potential of the plant, is achieved thanks to a special treatment with natural resins performed in the flowering phase of the plant.

The name is a clear reference to its genetic origins and the high presence of CBD in the plant's flowers.

The appearance

This new product, which is completely innovative in the CBD Weed scene, has very compact, medium sized flowers with a very light reddish base color that is partially darkened by the large presence of resins that give shades of a darker, more pronounced green and that light up the trichomes a fiery red.

The small size of the flowers does not affect their power and quality; that in this genetics reach very high levels, not even imaginable until recently.

Looking closely we can also immediately notice the reddish colors, between bright red and purple. These shades immediately jump out at us and stand in sharp contrast to the strong green of the flower. The reddish/orange trichomes and the high presence of crystallized cannabinoids in the heart of the flower make the buds truly unique and fascinating.

Such a Product may also be referred to by some as a "CRISTAL WEED", since the massive presence of cannabidiol crystallizes on the top of the flower, making it almost glow.

The Aroma

The Aroma of Gelato is bittersweet, soft and delicate; sweet to perfection; with strong hints of red fruits and fresh notes of lemon and mango. The smell, at first dense and enveloping, is diluted by the citrus note that leaves that original and lively aftertaste that makes it unique. A mix of sensations to treasure, from blossoming lemon groves to a mix of red and tropical fruits...absolutely to try!

Provenance and Cultivation

To produce this innovative CBD-containing genetics, we relied on a major organic company located in Tuscany.

This company, which combines modern Indoor cultivation techniques with the exclusive use of fertilizer-free organic products, thanks also to OUR partnership, has managed to obtain one of the most advanced crops in this field worldwide.

The techniques used to "enhance" these products have been developed exclusively and are currently in the patent phase.


This variety is derived from the very large and very famous Gelato family, probably the most iconic product of the last 5 years both in the US and throughout Europe. Such a variety is still widespread all over the world and is giving rise to many new genetics all over the world.

The production of this specific variety was first developed in Italy, specifically in Tuscany, on the new yields of late 2022 / 2023.


The percentage of CBD indicated above, even remaining an indicative number that may vary from flower to flower, is always certified by analyses carried out in several authorized laboratories.